Abshchattungen was written as lyrical content for a Patchwork Rattlebag piece. I felt that it was worth sharing here as a poem.


Pregnant lull nascent
Day sketched on sardon-
ic white ground.

Encroaching diplo-
carpon frames the
Objects posited.

Each containing the
Promise of itself:

In limpid absence
And extremities
Hatched heavy, marked by

Shadows flowing; vit-
reous flux noise, noise-
less; diluted pools of night.

“In each resides its
Own negation,” she
Told me in the sunlight.


The reverie shines
No false light upon
Its willed depiction.

In safe darkroom is
Printed out the sha-
dow’s latent image.

Its negative de-
velops out, transfigured
To the visible.

In this contingent
Form it visits us
And checks our progress

Through the pyramid’s
Opaque edifice;
But transparent is

What never sleeps, till
It meets what for its
Own sake we term ‘sleep’.


Behind the lens,
Before the focus,
Paring ‘Cartesian plane’

Bares a hyperbola;
Hooded shade faceless;
Ideal form embodied.

And its counterpart –
Negative, glowing
Shadow of a shadow

– Casts horizon hy-
perbolic into
The contested sphere.

Its tails span beyond
The vanishing points
To infinity.

Nothing promised but
The bare promise of

© John Lowndes 2017


About johnlowndes

Music and poetry. #wearepatchworkrattlebag https://soundcloud.com/patchwork-rattlebag https://www.facebook.com/patchworkrattlebag https://www.facebook.com/johnlowndesmusic https://patchworkrattlebag.bandcamp.com/releases/ https://twitter.com/pwrattlebag https://twitter.com/johnmlowndes
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