On the Nature of Inspiration II

On the Nature of Inspiration II

Prostrate, brooding on sunny and foreboding afternoon
A dog barks in the middle distance instigating a volley of indignant retort above the estate
Road-noise and the blood coursing through the channels
Blue sky touching horizon beneath casual cumulus reminds you of the sea
Emptiness and adventure

Cirrus slowly passes opposite antennae of opposite roof suggesting uniformity
Trees sway
Minding their own business
A reflection
Cries of far-off children carry with them no information
Soft-edged siren seems impudent and all carries on without you

– –

Rancorous rumblings and so begins emerge
Out of lips plumed smoke unfurls
Broadcast in 3D
Each time a new rhyme
Unique amongst a million
Each exhalation
Finding parts untouched till all
Diagram of ghost activity
Or past seconds by judged importance

Solid smoke seeming disappear never touch
Find me nowhere
Caustic attempt negation
Let free in air
Obliviousness, ether
Massage my nuance
Guide me to expiration
Dissolve and renew

Liberty on fragile breeze
– Take off the stabilizers! –
Frustrate the blockade
The world unstone unfurls outwise
Listen to now
First disregard then learn and disregard
Father’s pipe: give me a start
Mounted on a part of your experience to flail wildly in delectable directions

Bloom and curling side
Out and out and out
Pin-point process to lastest
Tree and foliage bursts unto
Capture the essence, bypass me
– Unachievable but interesting nonetheless –
Mark me, remove me,
All me
Thumps and shudders, hesitates
When I sleep and when I see
Never, never, never
Blades of grass
Why involve me?
I only wish to see the tree

Stain the air repeatedly
Wavering plume with upwards mostly
Relax, refrain identikit
Where it goes time-stamped and hurried
Inscrutable inspiration when laid out thus
Escape the sides and creeping up
Bubble in the forge and make the mark
Dilute the process and make as new
Search a foothold
Behaving only as it do
I am variable
(I am not to be trusted)
Morphology: beauty not to be described
Rules and rules avert your eyes
Major unsettling, unsettled
Never a moment
I am in a cloud

Count me a cloud

Smoke seemingly stuck to the mouthpiece judges us incapable
Out it billows small: immeasurably large

– –

Process broken

Fire garbled information, break the chain. Elicit shock in object. Biological being synthesises flavour. Sour, heat, sweet. Repeat process broken. Sn. Did you catch? Repeat, catch fire. All broken disjointed. Imagine an

irregular chain

Sculpt around it. Make the bastard
crash and catc. Fire
at will malfunction circuit. From error to harmony to cacophony. Piquant. Fire hot. Burn
me and make me circle-back. More. Repeat. Dis
jointed, shock elicit. Let me solve the pattern. Synthetic flav. Shock
I sculpt circuit. Pass it on.

– –

Take a recording on a piece of tape, cut it and splice it together in new formations. Take a recording and splice it together on a piece of tape, cut it in new formations. Together take on a piece of tape a recording and splice it, cut it in new formations. Cut a piece of tape, together take on new formations in it and splice it, a recording. A recording on new formations and splice cut a piece of tape, take it in, together it. Formations and splice on new cut of tape, a recording, a piece, it, take it in together. Splice on new recording, a piece, a cut of tape, take it in formations, together and it. It a piece, it a cut of tape, take recording splice, together in formations, new and on. New cut, piece together, take on formations,splice in and it a tape, it a recording of. Together in formations, tape it and splice it, a take on a cut, new piece of recording.

© John Lowndes, August 2015


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