On the Nature of Inspiration III

On the Nature of Inspiration III

At a workspace in the reading room
Sits the youth engrossed in writing

In peripheral of mind and space
Onlook gravely the collected works
And weight of human history

Unrestrained by abstruse semiotic
Advances the uninducted
Through warnings of unheeded cipher
To pastures rarely trodden by
Adherents to the doctrine

Unheeding of imposing presence
Uninhibited by its stricture
The work of youth skips lightly on
With ease, to amass discoveries
A simple joy, not yet unlearned

Prepossessing is the clarity
Of cognition unbounded
Amazing the proclivity
Of gifted tyros,
That like bystanders
Who through disinterest can sabotage
The art of the magician,
With new eyes approach an arcane riddle
And with ease expose its heart

No years of study should dim love felt
For the abandonment to otherness of
The inductee that finds freedom in
A handful of recent rules
Nor should ever love be lost
For the thrill of the young artist
At the sheer joy of creation

© John Lowndes, April 2015


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